About Us

Debtsource is a specialist credit management company that provides complete solutions for any business that extends credit to their customers.

Started in 2003, the company is staffed by individuals with extensive credit management and trade credit insurance experience. The business goal is to help customers better manage their risk, and to use credit as their competitive advantage. Ultimately this is what credit management was designed to do - not only to collect overdue accounts or to avoid bad debts, but also to enable a company to achieve maximum overall profitability from trading on credit.

Debtsource is a member of the GIB Group of companies, which was founded in 1982. Through the GIB Africa Alliance we have created a network of short-term insurance brokers in 43 African countries, and through our Farosol alliance we represent multi-nationals locally.

Credit Management is a value chain. It is the result of all of the elements of the credit management process working together in harmony to provide the perfect benefit. Typically, companies turn to credit information, credit insurance, debt collectors or debtor financing when they struggle with credit risk, but quickly find that these are only elements of a solution. Debtsource is unique as it provides all the elements that constitute a coherent credit management solution.

The benefit to our clients is less risk; more profit; time saved; and improved cash-flow.