What does Debtsource actually do in simple terms?
Simply put – Debtsource provides credit management services and solutions for any company that offers credit terms to their customers. If you need to make this process as effective as possible – talk to us!

Will the bank lend me more money if I use Debtsource?
Yes, banks recognise the value of a properly managed debtor’s book and will therefore give you a higher facility. We also work with a number of financial institutions that are eager to gain Debtsource guided clients.

Can Debtsource help me recruit skilled credit staff?
Yes, Debtsource provides a complete credit management solution that includes helping you select competent staff. While we don’t operate as a recruitment agency, we will provide competency testing and interviews to make sure you pick the best candidate.

Can Debtsource help me with credit insurance on my debtors?
Yes – we are a registered Financial Services Provider (FSP17375) and have years of experience and knowledge on how to gain the most from credit insurance.

Can Debtsource help me manage my debtor’s book?
Absolutely! Debtsource can recommend a complete credit management strategy that will save you money and grow your business!

What makes Debtsource different from other credit service providers?
Debtsource offers a unique credit management solution, unlike any other provider. Whether you need to set a credit policy; cut down on bad debts; or sell to someone in outer Mongolia – Debtsource provides all this and much, much, more…

What does Debtsource typically charge for their services?
Debtsource usually bills clients as a percentage of their monthly credit sales, depending on the extent of the services provided. This percentage can range anywhere from 0.001% to 1% of monthly credit sales.

What are the Debtsource Conflict of Interest; Complaints; or Anti-Bribery policies?
Send us an email to [email protected] and we will gladly forward these to you.

If you have any more questions, we would be happy to answer them.
Send us an email to [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.