DEBTSOURCE will assist your business in managing the entire credit extension process. We have the resources, skills and sophisticated systems principally designed to increase your cash flow and minimise bad debt, simultaneously turning your credit processes into a competitive advantage. Get your accounts paid on time every time by the credit management and credit insurance experts


Improve your
cash flow

We implement strategies that reduce the length of time it takes to collect payments from customers


Reduce your
bad debts

We help you select the right customers


Risk Management & Corporate Governance

We ensure you have properly documented and audited processes


Save you
valuable time

We coordinate ALL the elements to ensure a successful credit management process


Why do profitable businesses still fail?
Where your business’ accounts are concerned, profit and cash-flow are key financial measurements. However, many business owners aren’t aware that
Safeguard your business from the seasonal slumps
It’s been seen that time and time again the start of a new year can be a testing time for many South African businesses. January is almost always
Granting credit not for the fainthearted
Extending trade credit facilities in volatile and risky market conditions is not for the fainthearted With South Africa’s economic position in a
Business failures set to blow if economy tanks
Few people realise that the largest source of business funding in South Africa is provided by private companies themselves. Businesses extend cred

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