April 7, 2015

Is it time to review your Credit Application Form?

Credit or the Latin word CREDERE means to be accredited or trust worthy! It requires trust in all its forms to extend credit terms to a customer. Ronald Reagan was once quoted saying “Trust, but verify”. Credit is based on trust!  On entering the business world in the early 1980’s the Credit Application form was often thought to be a request for credit with credit being extended purely on the receipt of the completed document.  But you need a Credit Application because: It provides vital information about the entity It is usually the only legal agreement you will have with your client It houses your terms and conditions It is […]
March 9, 2015

Debtsource awarded BEE Level 2 rating

Debtsource is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a BEE Level 2 rating by an independent rating agency. The contributing factors to the rating included the help Debtsource offers to small black owned businesses as well as the charity work done with the Abraham Kriel Childrens Home.