Bizcash and Debtsource team up to help grow SME’s

When two well run and knowledgeable companies in their respective fields join forces to offer clients a broader range of solutions, you can only expect great things to happen.

Combining the technology of the Bizcash platform with their specialities in selective invoice discounting and business loans together with Debtsource’s experience in credit and risk management, this powerhouse team of experts puts the control back into the hands of business owners as they assist them with cash flow challenges, management of bad debts, risk management and corporate governance.

The common thread with both companies is their passion to work hand in hand with their clients as a true financial services partner. So often the owners of SME companies need a partner to work with them, with their company’s best interest at heart. The simplicity of the Bizcash platform, allows business owners to self-manage their finances, invoices, loans and repayments in a user friendly manner with all the required information available at a glance and at their fingertips.

“I have worked with the team at Debtsource for a number of years and this partnership was a logical next step in growing both of our companies, and helping small businesses excel” said Sean Waywell, CEO of Alternative Finance Solutions. “Our businesses complement each other so well and we have the same vision for the future of South African companies.”

“For all the good that Debtsource can do to help companies manage their credit extension processes as efficiently as possible, there will still be times when there is cashflow pressure” said Frank Knight, CEO of Debtsource. “It is for these moments in the growth curve of any business that the Debtsource / Bizcash partnership becomes invaluable. Debtsource helps our clients implement and manage effective credit process, while Bizcash provides the funding. It just makes sense.”


Alternative Finance Solutions trading as Bizcash:

Founded in 2017, Alternative Finance Solutions (Pty) Ltd (“AFS”) is a specialised selective invoice discounting, purchase order finance and business loan finance house that is passionate about solving entrepreneur business cash flow problems. Founders of the company have combined experience of over 50 years financing entrepreneurs.

The majority shareholders of AFS are Preference Capital (Pty) Ltd, a leading provider of growth finance, insurance and data services to small and medium enterprises(

Last year AFS acquired the assets and IT platform of Bizcash (Pty) Ltd (“Bizcash”) (, one of South Africa’s leading on-line invoice discounting platforms, from Invotec (Pty) Ltd (“Invotec”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Reichmans Holdings (Pty) Ltd. The system having been built by entrepreneurs for a bank has ensured that there are a number of bank grade features and processes already built, tested and functioning every day making it an extremely robust platform. We recently went live with our Business Loan product offering, which was built using the same tried and tested technology of the Selective Invoice Discounting product. We are proud to be the only platform in the market that offers more than one working capital solution to the SMME community, giving the client the ability to look at alternative solutions for his working capital requirements versus boxing the client into a single offering.



Debtsource ( is a specialist credit management company that provides complete solutions for any business that extends credit to their customers.

Started in 2003, the company is staffed by individuals with extensive credit management and trade credit insurance experience. The business goal is to help customers better manage their risk, and to use credit as their competitive advantage. Ultimately this is what credit management was designed to do – not only to collect overdue accounts or to avoid bad debts, but also to enable a company to achieve maximum overall profitability from trading on credit.

Debtsource is a member of the GIB Group of companies, which was founded in 1982. Through the GIB Africa Alliance we have created a network of short-term insurance brokers in 43 African countries, and through our Farosol alliance we represent multi-nationals locally.

Credit Management is a value chain. It is the result of all of the elements of the credit management process working together in harmony to provide the perfect benefit. Typically, companies turn to credit information, credit insurance, debt collectors or debtor financing when they struggle with credit risk, but quickly find that these are only elements of a solution. Debtsource is unique as it provides all the elements that constitute a coherent credit management solution.

The benefit to our clients is less risk; more profit; time saved; and improved cash-flow.


For any queries, please contact:

Bizcash : 0861 939393

Debtsource : 011 348 7000


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