Standard Letters now available on Debtman

Debtsource clients are always asking for standard credit control letters. “What should the format be to notify a client of an account approved or declined?” or “What notification do I need to send to clients that are overdue?” or “Is there a final letter I can send the debtor before taking third party action?” These are important communications to your client that need to be handled appropriately to avoid unpleasantness. Get it wrong and you’ll soon have your sales director breathing down your neck!

Debtsource has simplified this process for our clients, by adding a Standard Letters tab to our Debtman system. What’s more is that all your debtor’s details will automatically be populated to the letter, so there’s no need to hunt around for the correct contact and address information. The document automatically exports to a Word format, which means that you can then copy it to a letterhead, or make any changes as you see fit – and easily send this to the debtor.

Existing Debtman features further allow you to place a scanned image of your final letter in the Customer Imaging database, as well as the ability to make a note in the Events Log section, to which you can even add a follow up date if required. Remember that in terms of effective corporate governance the issue it is not whether a task was done, but whether you can prove that the task was done. This will save an enormous amount of frustration with internal auditors, your sales department and of course the debtor themselves who cannot claim that they have not received your communication.

This simple – but effective – add-in is just one more enhancement in what can best be described as the most effective credit management system available. Feel free to ask us how Debtman can simplify your credit control experience, increase your staff’s productivity and of course ultimately – help you make more profit from credit sales!