About Us

Three out of every five companies that fail in South Africa do so while showing a profit. The problem is simply access to cash resources, which is usually tied up in their receivables or worse written off to bad debts.

This is the very reason for the existence of DEBTSOURCE a company specifically created to assist your business in managing the entire credit extension process. While most entities employ some methods for improving debt recovery such as credit control staff, possibly credit information or even credit insurance very few organizations have the resources or access to the skills and sophisticated systems employed by DEBTSOURCE. Whether you are simply looking for assistance with any of your credit processes or a complete outsourcing service DEBTSOURCE has a cost-effective solution that will improve your company’s cash-flow.


Our vision for Debtsource is to build a “real” enterprise that benefits customers; shareholders; staff and their families beyond what they would ordinarily be able to attain without the existence of Debtsource. We want to achieve this through the implementation of unique, end-to-end credit management solutions that is not designed for mass consumption yet holds a reputation for being absolute subject matter experts. We hope to engender an environment that is professional, slick, friendly, fun, responsible, ethical, academic, sustainable and financially rewarding for all stakeholders. This vision extends to an enterprise that is based throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, with global customers.